▸Precision Industry (Pvt.) Ltd. Was incorporated as a private limited company in the early 90’s with a vision to become a world-class manufacturer of plastic products. Precision Industry is known for going extra miles for its customer when it comes to quality and services, our goal is to provide the customer the ease of mind through our excellent expertise.

Core Values

At Precision, our core beliefs set by our ancestors are very important for us, we believe it is essential for us to conduct our business with strong moral values, honesty and with utmost integrity. From the help of our excellent team and executives putting in countless efforts and energy, we can proudly say that we have always kept our heads up and our relationship intact with our customers. As much as we focus on delivering superior quality in products and services, We also encourage on creating a positive work environment amongst the team, where each member thrives to bring a progressive change.

Asad Zubair

Thank you for your ongoing satisfaction and professionalism. Precision Industry has been a mainstay for manufacturing our products for the last few years. We are grateful for what you have done to meet our needs with your quality manufacturing and consistency.

Firdous Khan

Precision Industry has been an excellent addition to our business development relationships. We tested their innovations with critical product specifications and design problems and strict time constraints during the launch of a new product. The challenges were faced in a timely and consistent manner. Their engineering hard work of manufacturing for our products can be seen at the first glance from the product quality.

Amir Hussain

It’s a good experience to have amazing quality and highly-skilled engineers. Depending on Precision Industry for a long-term contract as our business was growing each day has brought us no disappointments.

Qayyum Irshad

I’ve been with Precision Industry since the start of my chemical business. They’ve grown to feel like family in that time. They are understanding and responsible as a Pakistani molding business that is also a joy to work with. They did not impose any restrictions on the development of a high-density container in terms of chemical consumption or protection. The quality of the product has always been outstanding, and deliveries have always been on time.