Our mission is to aim for innovation in the plastic packaging business, and we are today an industry leader in the plastic packing industry, catering to all forms of manufacturing, retail, and institutional customers. Because of the company’s commitment to quality and creativity in its products, it has been able to meet and exceed customer packaging expectations.
Business Profile

▸Precision Industry offers the highest quality of plastic products, with more than 3000 products expanding in PET, PP, HDPE, PC & LLDPE in Pakistan. We are also a licensed exporter, and our team shows a positive and swift response to all the local and export queries.

▸At Precision we focus on overall quality of the company not just the products, to us quality means delivering on time, delivering the products in best shape, catering all sorts of queries, providing relaxation to the customers in desperate times and building a relationship based on the pillars of loyalty and trust.

▸Precision Industry offers expertise in developing all the plastic products for markets such as personal care, confectionery, pharmaceutical, pet care, food spices, household, oil industry, Jerry Cans etc. (refer to the product page)

▸We are ISO Certified 9001:2015, Food Grade and Export and Halal Certified